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Spheresoft develops several innovative add-ins for Microsoft Office:

The Spheresoft Modeler for Excel allows you to enter a value and multiple formulas in each cell of your Excel spreadsheet and to have circular references in your spreadsheet models. The Modeler thus enables you to create spreadsheets that are more compact, robust, and easier-to-use.   ZDNet says "If you're familiar with spreadsheet formula construction, you should find this concept fascinating." The Modeler was also recently featured in Risk Magazine.  Download your copy today.

Spheresoft Zip Code Tools for Excel allows you to calculate the distance between two addresses based on their zip codes or get a list of zip codes that lie within a certain distance of a target zip code. Ideal for marketers who want to target geographic regions from a list of addresses stored in Microsoft Excel and for accounting departments that need to estimate driving mileage for time and expense reports. Download your copy today

The Spheresoft Highlighter For Excel brings visualization of real-time changes to data in Microsoft Excel. The Highlighter has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users, received 4 stars from ZDNet, and was featured in Risk Magazine.  Download your copy today.

Download the Spheresoft Highlighter

Spheresoft Zip Code Demographics for Excel gives you easy access to basic indicative demographic information for targeted zip codes. Data includes state, population, housing, area, and income. Ideal for Direct Marketers who want to segment and target their mailing lists. Download your copy today

Ideas?  If you have an idea for an add-in that you would like to see Spheresoft build, please tell us about it. Thanks!

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